Final Expense 101

Simple market, Simple products, Simple training!

Getting Started with Final Expense Webinar

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Step 1. Know your Primary Carrier/Product

 Final Expense is a Fantastic market being a Simplified Issue Whole Life Policy. Every Carrier has Differences in the plans that they sell, how they sell, and when we as producers get paid. It is IMPORTANT that you become familiar with your primary carrier guidelines and underwriting procedures. To obtain this information, please reach out to the carrier you contracted with directly to receive agent guide, product guide, welcoming packets and brochures.


Step 2. Plan your Marketing Pipeline

This is your business and the reality is that you need to be able to get in front of Clients. Building a Pipeline Networking system is imperative to your success. Here at iCan, we have Lead Programs that we offer specifically to the Final Expense market that is Exclusive to YOU! Please find the attachments provided that include our Lead Program selection as well as the Lead Order Form.  You have 5 days to take advantage of the Fast Start Lead Program, that provides your first lead order with up to a 60% discount on fresh leads! We also provide the ability to purchase aged leads on your command.  Use this link to purchase aged leads on demand:


Step 3. Go Close!

You have people that need Final Expense coverage. Become very comfortable with getting to the kitchen table (in-home or virtual) and master the 7 step In-Home presentation. Keep the presentation simple, care about who you are working for and you will close just about every person you walk through the process. Contact your iCan Agent Mentor for assistance in your game plan!