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Simple client solutions, health plans, life insurance, living benefits and more. We partner with Agents to help more families with simple solutions for everyday needs!


Not just another product!

Eliminate Debt for good!

You can show your client how to eliminate ALL debt without spending a penny more! BYOB “Be Your Own Bank”! This is a guaranteed plan and your clients will love you for helping them! Watch the webinar now, CLICK HERE!


Become an IUL Wizard!

Our iCan Sell IUL Selling System is the easiest way to sell IUL’s hands down. Check it out and I bet you feel the same way! Watch the webinar now, CLICK HERE!


Lifetime Income

Through Indexed Universal Life or a Guaranteed Cash Value whole life policy, show your clients tax favored guaranteed lifetime income they will not outlive!

Health Plans

Any Dr! $0 Telemedicine! 100% Plan! Save your clients 40% – 60% on health care cost! Group Plans! Sell these plans ALL year long!

Simple Life Insurance

Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, Simplified Issue IUL, Whole life and more! Cover your clients with focused products without the hassle of a medical exam! We have leads for simplified issue markets!

Living Benefits "The New Kind of Life Insurance!"

Protect your clients from the uncertainty of an untimely critical illness or critical injury. Get cash on hand to take care of immediate expenses without limits to what they can spend the cash on!


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Your Family Bank- Eliminate debt, Guarantee retirement dollars and more!

YFB banking concept provides a guaranteed financial road map to pay off ALL debt included mortgage, student loans, credit cards, auto loans and more for your client without spending anything additional money!! This is powerful and more than 90% of families out there need your help! A real guaranteed solution that gives our Partnered Agents a whole new approach to solving client needs!

  • Talk to more people that need your help!
  • We are helping families pay off all debt and realize guaranteed retirement dollars in 7-9 years on average!
  • Provide a clear road map with payoff dates on debt, amount of interest saved, tax favored retirement dollars that is liquid, ALL GUARANTEED!!
  • Help business with the same concept! Businesses small or large can utilize this same concept on business debt! It is absolutely AMAZING!
  • If you have not already been introduced to the Your Family bank system then Click HERE for introduction to Your Family Bank!

Our Partnered Agents are helping more families then ever before with concepts that are needed and guaranteed! Take your Insurance Business to the next level with solutions that can help more families then you ever thought possible!

iCan Sell IUL Selling System!

We have the tool that makes selling, understanding and educating your clients about IUL’s from A-Z!

  • Reach more clients with a built in prospecting system!
  • Track your business as your prospects are educated and become clients!
  • Use the Analyzer tools to compare retirement plans close more IUL sales!
  • This IUL selling system will easily boost your IUL sales!
  • Show your clients side by side performance comparisons IUL vs Current Retirement Plan!
  • When you can show Lifetime Income Benefits next to any of these plans, it wins every time!
  • Send your potential clients educational videos through a personal link that will drive them to contact you fund their IUL!
  • It is a fully automated IUL online marketing system that will educate any person that sees it and they will follow the steps to get coverage from you!

How does it work: Click Here for “How it works” Webinar!

Register for your iCan Sell IUL System here: icaniul.com (Click on “Create a New Account” to get started)

Select Silver 2750 – The Future of Health Care

 Our health plan saves families $1,000’s a year on health cost. 

  • Only $2,750 out of pocket and covered up to $1,000,000 at ANY hospital, specialist or surgeon in the country!
  • Check out the rates! $385 for family of 5!
  • Group Plans for Small Business and Large Companies with HUGE savings!
  • Save families $1000’s on health care cost and the plan can be sold ALL year round!
  • Save families 40% – 60% off health care cost. Take some of the savings and show them additional protection & benefits by funding an IUL!
  • Talk to more clients that need your help, everyone would like to reduce the cost of health care!
  • Our Partnered Agents are paid a LEVEL LIFETIME monthly renewable income on this amazing approach to health care!
  • Make more life sales by helping families save money on health care cost!

 Take Roger & Elizabeth, they were on an exchange plan paying over $1,200/month for coverage. After completing our simple Life & Health Cost Analysis, we identified over $800 a month in savings for this couple. That is almost a mortgage payment! This was life changing for them!

 Indexed Universal Life Insurance – “The New kind of Life Insurance!”

Power of the Indexed Universal Life Insurance can help you in many ways!

  • Protection if you pass away!
  • Living Benefits while your still alive!
  • Cash Value that can build tax free and provide LIFETIME INCOME!
  • College Savings with many benefits!
  • We help clients with Indexed Annuities also!

We help families on a regular basis save money on health care and show them how they can now use the IUL for all around protection! Take the Harts, unfortunately they lost a large portion of their retirement income during the crash of 2008-2009. They now have an IUL which allows them to save money that grows tax free and is protected from any more future crashes from the market. They have not and will not lose money in the IUL due to crashes in the market ever again! They also utilized the IUL for their kids college savings. This allows them to save money that will not count against them if they child applies for student grants or loans! Many families are taking advantage of the benefits of IUL protection. We call it “The New Life Insurance”!

Final Expense Burial Insurance

Fact: 10 out of 10 people will pass away (Can you prove it wrong?)

  • Low cost benefit that will pay your funeral expenses!
  • Allows for planning now so your family is not left with an unexpected financial burden.
  • The Family controls funds to cover any related cost they need to take care of.

Average Funeral Cost have drastically increased over the years. People are opting to be cremated instead of a traditional funeral because cremation cost less. Take advantage of Final Expense coverage so you can make the choice from the heart instead of the cost.

Mortgage Protection Coverage: Your Home is probably one of your families greatest investments, protect it!

Fact: 10 out of 10 people will pass away (Can you prove it wrong?)

  • Pay off your home for the family in the event of an untimely death.
  • Get cash if you become disabled to pay your mortgage or anything else, it’s your cash!
  • Access a part of the death benefit if you are in the event of a critical illness.
  • Know your premiums will never go up and benefits stay level!
  • ROP- Return of Premiums if you do not use the policy! Your auto coverage doesn’t give all your money back if you don’t have a wreck!

Paying the mortgage can really strain the family budget. In fact, it often takes two incomes just to afford the monthly house payment. If you or your spouse passes away, your family could potentially lose the house they have grown to know as home. The loss of one income is typically enough to cause financial stress for a family, often making mortgage payments unaffordable. Relieve families of additional financial stress and grief, when they will already be grieving the loss of a loved one. Mortgage Protection simply means that there will be ample financial resources to ensure your mortgage will not go into default, or your home unwillingly sold or foreclosed if you have an untimely death. Mortgage Protection is the peace of mind knowing that that your family will not lose their home.

Life Insurance

What type is right for you?

  • Level Term
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life (UL)
  • Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL)
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be made simple. We have coverage that will pay up to $1 Million without the scrutiny of a medical exam! We have many years experience and our licensed agents will guide you to the product that meets your needs and fits your budget! Let us help guide you to the company that is the best fit for your. Just about everyone takes medication these days and many have different medical challenges. Insurance company’s have guidelines that vary between company’s. Some will approve what others will not and some have better rates for certain criteria than others. We understand the life insurance waters and will guide you to the best option for you and your family just like we would do for our own family!