Everyone has a term, health, medi-care or you name it product with lots of competition. Our product literally has NO COMPETITION!

iCan Financial was created to be the exclusive distributer of the Select Silver 2750. With many years of experience and success in the Life Insurance industry, this product makes a lot of sense for our clients. It is the change in health care that has been needed for a long time in this country. It also allows our agents to see more clients, save clients up to 60% on health care cost in most cases, provide more solutions and earn clients for life! When you can sit down with a family and save them that kind of money, it allows for additional options they did not have before!

All of our staff is Life/Health licensed and has been in the field at many kitchen tables. This allows us to share field tested experience and knowledge with our partnered agents. Would you rather follow someone through the mine field who has walked it or listen to someone guess you through? Our training comes from experienced agents that close business!

We offer exclusive products like the Select Silver 2750 and exclusive leads to our partnered agents. Our simplified training, products and systems allow our agents to get in front of qualified clients and close business! Utilize our concept to save families on health care and set them up with an IUL or other life product that best meets their needs! This earns you level lifetime renewals and the upfront commission that life agents love! We look forward to a prosperous partnership with you!