iCan Fast Start!

Step One: 

Get setup with products and solutions for your clients

Complete the following contracting:

  • Altrua’s Select Silver 2750
    Including Certification & Training
  • Ancillary Products:
    -Washington National First Choice- Cancer & Accidental in 1 plan
    -Surebridge and VBA if you already have Washington National
  • Carriers for Life Products
    -National Life Group & Minnesota Life for IUL Products
    -Transamerica & Royal Neighbors for Term/Mortgage Protection/Final Expense

Step Two:

Training for Health & Life Products

Training/Preparation Steps

  • Watch Altrua Client Enrollment Video
  • Watch Life & Health Cost Analysis Video
  • Training for your Ancillary Products:
    -Washington National: Active Care
    – Surebridge CancerWise & VBA’s Accidental if Washington National is not an option
  • Training on Life Products Chosen:
    -IUL: FlexLife with NLG &/or Omega Builder with Minnesota Life
    -Simplified Life: Term and/or Whole Life
    -Term: Trendsetter LB with TA and/or JETerm with RNA
    -Whole Life: Immediate Solutions with TA and/or SIWL & Essential Whole Life with RNA

Step Three: 

Identify Your Clients & Potential Recruits

Work to get 3 clients or recruits within 2 weeks of starting!

Get In Front of People with your newfound knowledge

  • Yourself: Believe in what you sell and so will your clients!
  • People you care about: Don’t let your loved ones go without protection they will need
  • Refferals
    -Flyers are great to open up the conversation
    – People you help will want you to help their family and friends
  • Leads
    -Take advantage or our exclusive lead program